Lines of action


New scientific knowledge for the design, development, construction and testing of a new generation of connectivity devices and their associated platforms (communication and software), aiming at the integration of object networks in the context of mobility and energy

Develop and validate innovative concepts and business models oriented towards sustainable digital solutions that improve the standard of living in cities and reduce environmental impact.

Organically, the project is structured in 6 Lines of Action: the first three dedicated to technological development, two with applications in the area of mobility and energy, and the last one to management, dissemination and intellectual property issues.



The main goal of LINK4S is to develop new connectivity solutions, based on CPS (Cyber-Physical System), for the creation and integration of social networks of objects for the new paradigms of sustainability and decarbonization.

Aligned with this main goal, this project aims to develop scientific knowledge in several areas such as sensing technologies, microelectronics, embedded artificial intelligence, Internet-of-Things (IoT) and CPS platforms. It also aims to promote synergies between large companies, SMEs, startups and entities of the national scientific and technological system, for the development of connectivity technologies and

communication platforms for the implementation of new applications based on customized connectivity devices.

The solutions developed will be disseminated, through the appropriate channels, in order to create positive dynamics and externalities for new players in the areas addressed by the project.
Finally, it is expected to enhance the participation of Portuguese entities, whether institutions of the scientific and technological system or companies, in research and innovation initiatives, promoted at the European level, in the areas of cyber-physical systems, decarbonization and smart cities.


The LINK4S project has 12 business and non-business entities: