System-in-package Platform Components

Development of system components that provide the low-level physical abstraction layer for the new generation of IoT devices.

Specifically, a portfolio of custom sensors will be developed that will be integrated, along with a custom processor, into a System-on-Chip (SoC) or System-in-Package (SiP), producing a complete solution for an IoT device.


PPS2 – Integrated Circuit

Integrated sensor instrumentation circuit The development of an integrated circuit for the instrumentation of the sensors allows not only to reduce the total area of the system and its consumption, but also to improve its performance by reducing parasitic phenomena...

PPS2 – Magnetic sensor for gauging

Magnetic sensor for vibration measurement of very high voltage cables A new approach is being developed for gauging the movements of very high voltage cables, which is based on the principle of monitoring the magnetic field produced by them. This variation in the...

PPS2 – Vibration sensors

3-axis vibration sensors for measuring vibrations on very high voltage poles A new acceleration sensor concept, capable of detecting vibrations in 3 axes, has been designed and manufactured in a single, highly integrated structure. This device has been optimized for...